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SBS ‘Hippy’ doco launched on Facebook

The innovative online TV documentary series, ‘Goa Hippy Tribe’ has been launched using only Facebook as the media platform.


The documentary series has been a joint project by multiplatform strategy and branded content agency,; TV production company, Freehand Television/Being Films; SBS and it is supported by Screen Australia’s Innovation Fund and Screen NSW.

The project follows a young Australian film maker, Darius Devas as he travels back to Goa, India to document the unique reunion of old friends who were part of the Goa hippy mecca of the 1970’s.

Devas has interviewed key personalities central to the story and will release a series of video vignettes through Facebook on a regular basis throughout March and April. creative head, Justin Buckwell said that was brought on board to drive the digital strategy and audience experience behind the process.

“This project is using a new way of storytelling that is taking broadcast into environments where it has never been tested before.”

“Traditionally in the lead up to creating a documentary there would be a research and interview process that would never be released to audiences. What we are looking to achieve with the Goa Hippy Tribe is allowing people to experience and become part of the whole documentary process.”

“It’s very exciting to find a new way to tell an incredible story like Goa Hippy Tribe. Through the use of digital it is our hope that the build up of interaction will ensure the Facebook audience will feel a greater sense of community and involvement with the documentary than they would otherwise feel from simply watching on the television,” Freehand TV Executive producer, Paul Rudd said.

“SBS is currently experimenting with social programming and social marketing. In the fragmenting media environment its going to be increasingly important for broadcasters like SBS to reach out to audiences where they exist and push content to them rather than waiting for them to turn on the TV and come to us,” Head of SBS Online, Marshall Heald said.

The interaction on the Facebook page so far indicates that the project will be a great success,” Heald said.

“Facebook allows audiences to become involved in group discussions surrounding the whole process helping to influence the shape of the documentary,” Justin Buckwell said.

“This approach is turning the documentary from passive into an active experience, helping to build an increased community with the audience.”

“The aim is to deliver the full documentary over Facebook, with a total of 13 episodes to be released every three to four days that run for approximately four minutes,” said Mr Buckwell.

See how the series unfolds here.