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Police unite against drunken violence

Police chiefs from around Australia and New Zealand are coming together to launch a united stand against drunken violence.


The operation will see thousands of extra police being deployed to major centres across the two countries in a major crackdown on booze-fuelled crime.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said police would be hitting the streets in force on December 11 and 12 in “the biggest combined police undertaking ever”.

Mr Scipione has turned to YouTube to warn the community that Australian and NZ police commissioners have “had enough” of alcohol-related crime and violence.

“Across NSW, Australia and NZ we have declared two national days as a of action.

Random breath tests

“Police will be cracking down on alcohol violence and crime, there will be overt and covert licensing operations, random breath testings, mounted police and dog squad police on patrol.

“At train stations and on trains police will be checking that law-abiding commuters are not being subject to drunken attacks and intimidation.”

Mr Scipione said he was urging everyone to put some meaning into the phrase “personal responsibility”.

Victorian Premier John Brumby said the operation would have a big impact, helping to clean up the streets of Melbourne

“I think it will make a difference in sending a message right around Australia that this is a problem and this is an issue affecting every major capital city and that’s why this Australia-wide action is so important.

“It’s about sending a message that alcohol fuelled violence is unacceptable.”