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Finks gang disbanding in SA: court told

The Finks bikie gang is disbanding in South Australia, a court has been told.


In a case involving a member of the gang, the SA District Court has heard that some Finks are joining another group called the Mongols.

But defence counsel Heath Barklay said his client, Dylan Jessen is not making the switch and is seeking a fresh start.

Jessen has pleaded guilty to a string of firearms offences while his former girlfriend, Jaymee Renee Noble, is also before the court and has pleaded guilty to one offence, illegally possessing a loaded gun which she hid in her underpants.

Mr Barklay told the court that he had recently received material, including recorded phone conversations, which included details of how the Finks were disbanding and some were joining the Mongols.

But he said his client was no longer associated with the gang and wanted to demonstrate to the court that he was “on the right path”.

“He’s making a break from it all,” Mr Barklay said on Friday.

Solicitor-General Martin Hinton described the prosecution as “upping the ante” in relation to the new information but conceded Jessen should be given an opportunity to convince the court that he had embraced a new life.

In relation to Noble, the court was told her actions in hiding the gun involved an incredibly stupid decision in a moment of panic when police entered Jessen’s home in November last year.

She had intended only to frustrate the police at the time.

The case against Jessen and Noble will return to court on October 30 for further submissions.

Earlier this week SA Attorney-General John Rau expressed concern that the US-based Mongols bikie gang was setting up in Australia and that some local members of the Finks were moving over to the other group.

“This crowd in the United States are a very serious, hardcore criminal group,” Mr Rau said.

“It appears they are wanting to have a chapter or a branch in Australia in the same sort of way as the Hells Angels do.”